The new Civil Protection Department is now equipped with fire-fighting and rescue vehicles


Equatorial Guinea has received the first vehicles that they have purchased from ITURRI for the new Civil Protection Department which are detailed as follows:

• 1 multipurpose firefighting vehicle on an Iveco chassis, fully fitted with capacity for 4,000 litres of water.
• 1 lightweight vehicle on a Toyota Land Cruiser chassis equipped with release tools, tools for rescue from heights, clearing tools and decontamination tools amongst other utensils.
• Two command and control vehicles on a Toyoya Hilux chassis.
• 100 complete sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters with helmets, boots, jacket, and trousers for interventions, depot uniform and self-contained breathing apparatus among others.

3. Guinea Ecuatorial Bomberos En Formación (1)

The receipt of said materials mean that it will be possible to start up the recently created Civil Protection Department, which involves the incorporation of 100 new firefighters who will serve the needs of more than 700,000 inhabitants of Equatorial Guinea. Up until now the functions that this Civil Protection Department will carry out were performed by the military fire brigade.

The ergonomic design and the technology which has been implemented in the vehicles means that from now on they will be able to respond more quickly, efficiently and safely, using the most advanced technology which was not previously available, and which will have a beneficial impact on the citizens. In addition to this provision of equipment, fire stations will also be constructed in the most important cities in the African country including Bata, Malabo and Luba, and ITURRI’s equipment will be placed in these cities.

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The handing over of the vehicles is the first phase of a global equipment project which will be completed over the course of the year 2016, until a total of 21 vehicles have been supplied. The Equatorian authorities are also studying the possibility of equipping the island of Annobón the smallest and furthest from the coast.