The Community of Madrid bolsters its fleet with 22 new forest fire-fighting vehicles


ITURRI has manufactured 22 forest fire-fighting vehicles for the Community of Madrid Fire Brigade, which were added to their fleet this May. These vehicles, Renault Trucks D 14 CCF 4x4 with bodywork by ITURRI, have an exceptional ability for clearing all types of obstacles, given that their mission will be tackling forest-fire related emergencies. The vehicles have a capacity for 5,900 litres of water, 500 safety litres in reserve and 60 litres of foam-forming agent.

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They are equipped with the necessary technical solutions to enable them to accomplish their mission in a satisfactory manner with the utmost attention for the safety of their passengers. These vehicles incorporate the latest-generation inclinometers, high-definition rear-view screens, a breathable air system in the cabin, a quick-start module, a textile winch with remote control, an electronic foam mixer and a thermal auto protection system for the cabin, the underbody and the tyres.

In addition, the trucks come with an anti-tipping protective wire-guard made of high-resistance steel 4 millimetres thick, fireproof protection for the pneumatic circuits, and a petrol and electric hybrid system. For the vehicle’s more susceptible components such as the braking system, the engine housing, the friction disc or the steering rod, metallic protection has been installed, both to protect from dust and to avoid blows.

The maintenance operations constitute an essential point in the contract, given that the performance of these vehicles must be guaranteed throughout the forest fire season when they will be in continuous operation. This work is carried out by ITURRI, who have provided its maintenance service to the Community of Madrid, with the adequate human and material means which will allow them to meet their customers’ requirements.