ITURRI opens its new office and warehouse in Bielsko Biala (Poland)


ITURRI Group, dedicated to create solutions for Industrial Protection, Emergencies, Defence and Healthcare, has inaugurated its new facilities in Bielsko Biala (Poland), with a constructed area of 10,000 m2 for the offices of ITURRI Poland, the warehouse of product distribution, parking area, loading docks, green areas...

Facilities, which have been built on a plot of 17,000 m2, have a useful area of 6,500 m2 expandable in another 5,000 m2, in case of future needs that require it.

The new delegation has involved an investment of close to five million euros, and includes among its facilities the ITURRI product warehouse, laundry service and the offices for the hundred employees that the Group has in Poland between production, warehouse, services and office.

This new headquarters represents "an important step in the development of the Company in Central Europe", explains Antonio Rubio, ITURRI business manager for Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, who points out that the construction of a new headquarters responds to "new market requirements and needs of the staff in terms of work space, facilities and accessibility for people with reduced mobility".

"Our sector requires a lot of specialization and continuous development, so building a new, modern and innovative headquarters will allow us to continue our effort to contribute to a safer and better protected world," he highlights.

New headquarters facts:
Total area: 17,698.00 m2
Constructed area: 5 043.18 m2.
Height: 9.30 m
Surface of the office building: 1800.75 m2.
Warehouse surface: 4199.4 m2.
Number of references in the warehouse: - 10000 articles.
Number of seats: 5400 pallets.
Number of orders processed per day: +200.
Number of shipments per day: 200 packages, 20 pallets

ITURRI, your safety matters
ITURRI is a family business group with origin in Seville (Spain) founded in 1947 dedicated to the manufacture of garments, equipment and vehicles for Security and Industrial Protection, Emergencies, Defense and Health.
With a permanent presence on four continents and more than 1,200 employees around the world, it is focused on protecting people and their environment with innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to contribute to a safer world. Its activity is based on customer orientation, collaboration and teamwork, enthusiasm, commitment, integrity and innovation as fundamental values of a philosophy with more than 70 years of experience.