Iturri develops a vehicle with a roof mounted monitor for Ireland


ITURRI has developed a vehicle for the Knock Airport (Ireland) with a roof mounted monitor, designed both for extinguishing fires and for the management of operations at elevated levels. This is a one of a kind product, different to those which are currently available on the market.

It is a 4x4 fire-fighting vehicle with a capacity for 5,900 litres of water, 944 litres of foam, 200 litres of training foam and 2 x 50 kilos of powder. It is the most compact model of all of the vehicles from its category which are available on the market, allowing for improved maneuverability, therefore allowing for faster, more efficient and more streamline interventions on the runways. Thanks to its very low centre of gravity and its anti-roll system on the 4 wheels, the vehicle boasts excellent stability, therefore minimizing the risk of it rolling over.

33.1 Vehículo Contra Invencio Knock   Irlanda

The width of the vehicle, just 2.5 metres, allows for its authorised use on the roads, which therefore means that it is possible for the vehicle to leave the airport in the case in which it is required for emergencies in nearby towns.