How to make a machine safe


19,678 machine related accidents occurred in the industrial sector in the year 2016 of which 29 were fatal (1). These figures raise the following questions:

Are all risks provoked by machines or work equipment that are used in companies really controlled?

Are there a sufficient number of effective security devices in place to ensure that no accidents will occur while staff are using the equipment?

Can we assure the maintenance staff that no one will use the machine or equipment while they are repairing it?

As safety specialists, here at Iturri we are able to answer yes to all of those questions, as we are able to help our clients to guarantee in-company safety by means of a new consultancy service that we provide for the elaboration and implementation of a Machinery lock out.

Said process aims to prevent accidents from occurring when using work machines and equipment, providing the company with an effective tool to guarantee that there is no possibility that the machinery will unexpectedly start up during the maintenance process and in doing so protect the workers from this risk.

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A machinery lock out made up of four main actions:

- Separation of the machinery from all energy sources.

- If necessary locking all labeled apparatus.

- Dissipation or retention (confinement) of any accumulated energy that could result in danger.

- Verification that the actions carried out in sections 1, 2 and 3 have produced the desired effect.

This consultancy service is tailored to each company, taking into consideration their specific needs, and normally includes the following phases:


Audit of the current condition in accordance with the applicable legislation and the international regulations.


Drawing up of a written process, taking into consideration the organisation model.


Training users regarding the implementation of the procedures. Corrections and adjustments following the function tests.


Measuring the effectiveness, reviews, updates.

The safety measures and operations necessary in order for humans to be able to intervene in dangerous zones in a safe manner will be specified in the procedure.

Clients will be provided with advice regarding the material required in order to lock the elements from energy supplies and this service may also be provided if necessary. We collaborate with Masterlock as they are the leading manufacturer of lock solutions world wide

MasterLock has a complete range of padlocks and accessories that can be adapted to any energy-isolating device. MasterLock provides a free key control system to avoid the involuntary duplicating of any keys and the creation of any unauthorized copies.

Iturri will be responsable for Endesa Generación’s locking equipment and machinery lock-outs over the next three years.

Endesa Generación is the main electrical production plant that functions using different energy sources (hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear.)

By means of this contract, Endesa hopes to provide a comprehensive solution for these systems, which are fundamental for safety in the workplace. In addition the users have been provided with training on the locking devices.

This project has been introduced in the coal plant and it will subsequently applied to the rest of the electrical generation plants (hydraulic, gas-oil combustion and combined cycle), Endesa distribution and the rest of the Endesa divisions.