Gala refuels with the Hydrant Dispenser


Since 2016, Galp has refueled airplanes using the Hydrant Dispenser fuel provision vehicle for airplanes. This type of dispenser incorporates the latest technology guaranteeing that it has the necessary safety devices in order to guarantee an effective, quick and safety supply.

In addition, it includes the following equipment:

- High elevation lift platform with a reach of up to 4 metres.

- Hydraulic support legs for greater stability in platform operations.

- Duplicate on platform control.

- Electronic multifunction meter counter with recording of the last 100 operations (operation number, aircraft number, quantity supplied…)

The improvements carried out include the following:

- Improved aesthetic finish, taking into consideration the client’s comments (alignment of pipes, accessibility of frames, etc.)

- Introduction of a stair transportation system with interlock that prevents the vehicle from moving when the stairs are not in its support bracket.

- New cart system for hydrant pipes with improved design.

- Extension of the platform access stair in order to improve safety features and avoid any falls by the operator.

- Double degasifier system to be able to continue to supply fuel if one of the degasifiers fails.

Galp is the most experienced Portuguese company in the energy sector, and it has been running for three centuries. The company owes its success to the structural organization, focused on meeting their clients needs as well as respecting the principles of integrity and transparency.