FCA Poland continues to protect its employees

Iturri has provided the uniform renting service used in the painting zone of the company FCA in its automobile plant for the Fiat brand in Tychy Polond since 2010. Thanks to this uniform, the 150 employees who work in the bodywork paint and lacquer section are now protected from the different risks involved in the execution of their tasks.

This uniform was specially developed for use by FCA, meeting all of the client’s requirements in terms of comfort and protection. The most important element from a personal protection view point are the anti-static overalls manufactured using CLEANTEC BLUE (99.6/0.4 % PES/Carbon 150 g/m2) fabric.

We extended the overall’s sleeve length upon request by the client, allowing the sleeves to be hooked over the thumb meaning that no part of the worker’s wrist will be exposed, thus improving comfort and avoiding any risks to the employees.