The Firefighting Department of Lisbon celebrates its 621st anniversary


On the 19th of May of this year, the Lisbon Fire Brigade celebrated their 621st anniversary and we would like to take the opportunity to wish them all the best for their future and to congratulate them for this achievement.

The Firefighting Department of Lisbon is a municipal body of professional firefighters belonging to the City Council and it is responsible for ensuring the safety of people and goods offering both safety and preventative activity as well as supporting civil protection action.

In the year 1395, following the publication of a letter from the Lisbon City Council declaring the need for measures to be taken in order to prevent and fight fires in Lisbon, the closest thing to a firefighting service was established.

However, it was not until the year 1646 that the city council hired thirty men to provide these services including carpenters, builders and workers. Forty years later (1681) the first pumps and other handheld tools were purchased from Holland.

In 1852 the Corpo de Bombeiros Municipais de Lisboa was created and it kept this name until the year 1930 when it changed its name to Batalhᾶo de Sapadores Bombeiros and in 1988 it was changed to Regimiento de Sapadores de Bombeiros (RSB) and it has maintained this name to this day.

Nowadays the RSB is made up of four companies and as well as the Special Intervention Unit. This is made up of 800 people including firefighters, middle-level management and officials. Last year they carried out 20,000 operations (rescue, fire, etc.) It is the leading fire-fighting service in Portugal and it is one of the most important in Europe.

Over the last few years it has gone through a process of modernization, purchasing the latest generation of materials, equipment and vehicles. ITURRI Portugal has collaborated a provider during this process of modernization, providing:

• 6 supply vehicles with 4 axles.
• Fast response resources
• 1 Urban vehicle
• Windstopper® windbreaking clothing and boots.

This celebration was attended by municipal and state authorities. The Mayor of Lisbon, Mr. Fernando Medina was accompanied by Mr. Carlos Manuel Castro Minister of Safety, Civil Protection and International Relations and the Lieutenant Colonel General, Commander of the Firefighting Department of Lisbon, Mr. Pedro Patricio.

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