CLH DUBLIN presents its new hydrant dispenser


Iturri has manufactured a new hydrant dispenser for CLH, which will serve to clean the underground pipes and tubes in the airport’s hydrant network. This hydrant network distributes kerosene throughout the airport and it can be connected to our vehicle from different points.

This vehicle offers various technical improvements.

- A more ergonomic design, prioritizing the prevention of occupational risks.

- Greater comfort in supply operations.

CHS has opted for this technological vehicle thanks the numerous technical improvements that it offers:

- Saving fuel

- Greater environmental efficiency

- Very adaptable supply capacity.

This international development will be used with the new equipment provided by CLH in Dublin International Airport. CLH is the main fuel transportation and storage company in Spain as well as being one of the largest private companies within the international sector.

These type of projects enables Iturri to continue to expand on an international basis, alongside other big clients like CLH which are already being introduced in Oman, Ireland and England.

Both the design and the manufacturing of this project have been perfected by our partners Aerofuel/ Vimasol, and thanks to their expertise in the field we have been able to develop a high quality project, a reference worldwide. These companies have contributed to the technical development of the vehicle design, thanks to their experience in the maintenance of aviation vehicles in airports as well as in the operating of said vehicles.