Softshell jackets, part of the Fire-Fighting Department of Lisbon’s new image


The introduction of new softshell jackets with a modern design which adapts to the arduous work of the firefighters is an important step towards providing the Lisbon Fire brigade with ergonomic and comfortable uniform. These jackets incorporate the latest Gore-tex® technology providing protection against the cold and wind. This more comfortable and modern clothing allows the Lisbon Firefighters to be more agile and therefore better prepared to face their daily demands.

The new uniform was presented during the official ceremony on the 1st of March in order to mark the World Civil Defense Day, and this ceremony was led by the Minister for the Interior, Constança Sousa Urbano, whose ministry is responsible for supervising the competent national authorities in safety, protection and assistance matters.

The Fire Brigade, an integrated unit of the Lisbon City Council, is made up of more than 800 firefighters, a team of professionals who coordinate and guarantee the protection and care of all of the inhabitants of the city of Lisbon.

Softshell 2

Ms. Constança Urbano de Sousa (Minister for the Interior) greeting the Firefighting Department of Lisbon.
Mr. Pedro Patricio (Lieutenant Colonel General, Commander of the Firefighting Department of Lisbon). Members of the Firefighting Department. Mr. Carlos Manuel Castro (Minister of Safety, Civil Protection and International Relations). Mr. Fernando Curto (President of the National Association of Professional Firefighters).