Exhibition of ITURRI technology against fire and disasters


The exercise consisted of two parts: a theoretical exhibition and a practical test with the latest technological resources in transfers and pumping large water flows.
To extinguish any fire a store of water is required from which to pump the necessary flow to supply the extinguishing equipment.
However, in certain circumstances it is very difficult to reach the source of the water store due to the restrictions of the suction of the pumps or simply due to the difficulty in moving the pump to the source. There is also the risk of failure of the fixed flow supply systems. 

The systems presented by the ITURRI Group (Hytrans), are principally developed to draw up and supply water by means of a mobile system in the event of fire using a natural source of water near the fire. They have release systems and automatic retractable hose systems.
A self-expanding anti-marine pollution barrier was unravelled at the same time.
These types of vehicles and technologies are essential in nuclear and petrochemical plants, refineries and ports among other strategic places.