5 Refuelling Units for the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Guard


This project is the result of the collaboration with the Spanish company EINSA, which boasts 30 years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and post-sales of ground support equipment for both civil and military aircraft in over 100 countries.
The additional activities of these companies guarantee this successful alliance in the aviation sector. 

The five refuelling units delivered have a capacity for 12,000 litres, IVECO chassis and aluminium tank, and will be used at the Venezuelan Aviation Military air bases.
After delivery, one of the specialist technicians of the ITURRI Group went to the customer’s facilities to provide a few days’ training on vehicle operations and maintenance. 

One of the newest and most highly regarded services by the customer in this project is the approaching inauguration and opening in Venezuela of a technical classroom where continuous training will be given to all users of the equipment supplied.