Seminar on Protection in Petrochemical Companies. How to prevent work risks in petrochemical companies


The objective of this Seminar on Protection in Petrochemical Companies was to serve as a meeting point for work prevention and safety professionals in the sector. There the most important risks of their activities were displayed, and the mechanisms and corrective actions to be undertaken were studied. 

Participating in the talks were experts in the following fields:
− High-tech, disposable workwear
− Fires in large storage tanks
− Fire risks caused by lightening and static discharges
− Extinguishing equipment 

At PROTEC-FIRE a demonstration was carried out of the use of the new fire extinguishing vehicle for the Cepsa Algeciras Refinery, as well as exhibiting a Safehouse room (for welding work without the need to stop) and Atex fall arrest systems. The complete range of ITURRI vehicles was also presented: industrial, airport, rescue arms, refuelling units and ambulances.
The seminar was a complete success and served as a support platform for those initiatives which seek the development in work safety and the exchange of knowledge in this field