Home help and solutions for the Andalusian Health Service


The Andalusian Health Service, known as the SAS, has drawn up a home-help plan for dependent individuals and those with disabilities.

This plan includes support material for the patients themselves as well as for their carers. The SAS provides the Primary Care Districts of all of the provinces of Andalusia with a range of equipment including bed pad systems to prevent pressure ulcers as well as collapsible rails. These air filled mattress pads stand out because their interior chambers are aided by ventilation zones to avoid dampness and sweating. They can bear the weight of patients of up to 180 kilograms, with customized pressure pumps which indicate the weight of the patient. The pressure pumps are adjustable and are easy to use by carers and nurses and they are isolated.

Iturri has provided 2,228 alternating air pressure mattress pads for the prevention of pressure ulcers as well as 500 sets of collapsible rails which can be adapted for all types of beds.

On the other hand, the rails are foldable vertically and have an easy to manage locking system. The rails are interchangeable, so the same rail can be used both on the left and the right side of the bed. By means of this home help plan which provides said mattresses and rails, it is hoped that this will make it for comfortable both for nurses and carers as well as reducing hospitalization expenses.