REPSOL Coruña refinery purchases pumping equipment similar to that used to cool the Fukushima power plant


The Repsol Coruña refinery has recently purchased Hytrans Hydrosub pumping equipment to strengthen their capacity for response in the event of an emergency. Each of the units consists of a floating pump operated by a hydraulic plant, which in turn is powered by a diesel motor. These pumps have been specially designed for pumping water from a dam, river or from the sea and are able to drive the flow required to supply the specific high flow fire-fighting methods included in the MIRU Project (Major Incidents Response Units).

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The ITURRI Group has supplied the equipment, the first of their kind purchased by the REPSOL Group. They complement the high operating capacities of the MIRU methods and offer autonomy and versatility with respect to water supplies in the event of the failure or inadequacy of fixed pumping stations. In addition, they are recognised all over the world, having demonstrated their efficiency in incidents with a major impact such as the fires in the Buncefield tanks (the United Kingdom) and the cooling of the reactor at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station (Japan).

In February, specialist technicians from Hytrans offered training in the maintenance and use of the equipment to personnel from the Maintenance, Maritime Terminal and Safety Departments. Members of the A Coruña fire brigade also attended, as part of the combined training activities established in the Collaboration Agreement between the Refinery and A Coruña City Council. The training included practical exercises consisting in taking up seawater from the breakwater at low tide and sending it to a MIRU pressurised pump for the supply of a 10,000 gpm (37,800 lpm) jet. The water reached the pressure and flows required for optimum operation.