The leading force in tire production, MICHELIN, has entered into a single management contract which will cover 30 of their plants in 8 different countries


Michelin, the world leader in tire manufacturing has once again chosen ITURRI as the sole provider of their personal protective equipment (PPE) in thirty of their European plants located in 8 different countries.


Michelin and ITURRI’s longstanding relationship in many of Michelin’s European Plants was strengthened a few years ago when Michelin decided to consolidate their supplier base, choosing ITURRI as the sole provider of their PPEs. In order to do so one sole catalogue has been developed which meets 90% of their needs, and which can additionally be supplemented with specific local solutions. The figures show that Michelin has reduced its number of product models from 5,000 to less than 200, and that they have gone from having hundreds of providers to just one: ITURRI.

Michelin 2

ITURRI collaborated in

• The selection of PPEs.
• Introduction of a single electronic catalogue
• Translation of said catalogue into various languages
• Training and promotion in Safety Days.
• Proposals for saving money

All of these solutions have allowed Michelin to move forward with their safety, savings and globalization targets. In order to be able to monitor the progress which was being made, a switch desk was constructed which assesses the situation of the contract and the different projects on a quarterly basis.

For the renewal of this agreement, Michelin has once again taken a step forward, this time providing a modern service which is currently in place in the United States and which ITURRI has already implemented for some of their clients in Europe: The distribution of professional protection equipment using vending machines. They have requested the installation of more than one hundred machines, which will enable the majority of the personal protection equipment to be supplied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This project is the result of exhaustive and detailed analysis carried out by the client with the support and experience provided by ITURRI in order to determine the number of machines which will be required, and the type of services which will be necessary, in order to achieve the maximum possible economic return on the investment made.

The 3 main reasons why a client would select these types of solutions are:

• Savings due to a reduction in consumption and improved control
• Savings arising from the warehouse staff’s activity and workloads
• Tracking and monitoring of the PPEs available for each person in order to ensure the adequate provision is provided for the detected risks.

The solution which has been proposed by ITURRI is based on a model of common machinery, service and software taking into consideration all of the perimeter in order to meets the client’s needs.

Fernando Sanz