New flight suits for SUMMA 112 (Emergency Medical Service of Madrid)

SUMMA 112 has incorporated a new fireproof high visibility flight suit, fundamental for the services provided by the HEMS (Helicopter-based emergency medical services) health team.

This Service is based in Las Rozas and Lozoyuela, and they are ready to intervene in difficult to access areas and in traffic accidents, transporting patients to the best hospitals in the Community of Madrid.

The combination of different fabrics is the most relevant factor which distinguishes this garment from others on the market: fluorescent yellow EN 20471 made of 54% acrylic fibres /44% cotton/ 2% antistatic fibers.

Said combination of fabrics has led to the garment attain the only Cat II PPE certification in accordance with the following regulations:

- EN 13688. General requirements for protective clothes

- EN 11612. Clothing to protect against heat and flame

- EN 20471 High visibility clothing

This garment has also been included in the Comprehensive Uniform Management Service that Iturri carries out in SUMMA 112 for the traceability, cleaning, maintenance and control of the PPES.

Likewise personalized measurements and sizing have been taken for each user, and the garment has been manufactured using both male and female patterns.