Delivery of fire-fighting vehicle for Cienfuegos petrochemical pole (Cuba)


The official delivery of a 4000 litre fire tanker manufactured by the ITURRI Group for the Cienfuegos petrochemical pole took place last December (Cuba). The Cienfuegos region is one of the most industrially active areas of Cuba and future projects for the zone include the enlargement of the existing refinery. This implies an increase in capacity from 65,000 to 150,000 barrels and a new liquefied gas plant.
The fire tanker will form part of the fleet at the refinery fire station and is expected to service the future petrochemical installation at Cienfuegos.

The vehicle keys were delivered to the refinery’s Head of Command, Mayor Lázaro Sedeño and to José Ramón Triana, commercial manager of the joint company formed from the Cuban petrochemical firm and the Venezuelan CUVEMPEQ. Luis Alfredo Requena, commercial manager for BDC, who represent the ITURRI Group in Cuba, was responsible for the delivery. This was followed by a demonstration given by the fire brigade command to demonstrate the operating capacity of the tanker, discharging water using the fire monitor and the hoses.

The ceremony ended with the signing of the Certificates of Reception and Compliance with the agreements of the Source Inspection and the driver training. This training was given in Cuba prior to delivery of the vehicle. Also present at the ceremony were Ramón Curapeaca, Manager of the Cienfuegos Refinery on behalf of Venezuela, Luis García, Technical Director of the refinery and Lieutenant- Colonel Daniel Chávez Fujichiro, Chief of the Cienfuegos Fire Brigade.