Submersible pumps for REPSOL in A Coruña

Repsol Coruña has entrusted the ITURRI Group with providing high-capacity submersible pumping equipment that is hydraulically operated, portable and highly versatile. This award is part of the policy of safety and respect for the environment that the oil company upholds. Repsol’s sensitivity has led it to steadily increase levels of fire protection.

The product consists of two HYDROSUB HFS 150 high-capacity pumps (11,000 gallons per minute at 2.5 bars each), a shipping container with enclosures for various equipment, two 12” x 50 metre fire hose lines, and two manifolds with one 12” inlet and three 6” outlets.

This equipment is designed to work in parallel or individually, to power one of the Buster pumps, part of the MIRU plan, at 6,000 gpm at 12 bars, using two 12” hose lines, two manifolds and six 6” nozzles.

All together, it constitutes a mobile pumping centre that can:

• Take up water to pressurise one line or supply fire monitors, regardless of the suction heights.
• Capture either storage pool water or seawater, or water from any other body of water, such as rivers, lakes or reservoirs.
• Recycle extinguishing water from containment ponds. Doing so avoids the dumping of contaminated water into the sea.
• Move large volumes of water or other fluids within a plant that does not have fixed facilities to do so.