ITURRI Group helps to improve risk prevention in the manufacture of Michelin tyres


Michelin has been a customer of the ITURRI Group for approximately two years, with excellent results. During this period their PPE selection process was analysed, by studying the prevention and purchasing areas. Michelin gave the ITURRI Group the opportunity to find out more and to form part of the glove selection process, with two objectives: operator safety and quality and coherence of the final product, the tyres that move our vehicles.

Nowadays, the majority of operators involved in the manufacture of a Michelin tyre use fine leather gloves (EN388: 2121). These gloves have been tested in a complex series of tests in the laboratory and on site at the factories. As many as 500,000 pairs are used per year in Europe.These gloves make history. On their first day of work, each operator receives a pair of these gloves. Over the years new technologies have emerged that have enabled us to reduce our dependence on leather-based products and therefore reduce costs.

At the start of 2011 Michelin, with the help of the ITURRI Group, began to look for alternatives. The ITURRI Group decided to work with Honeywell as a key collaborator in the project for a number of reasons. These included the certainty that our collaborator had access to all the tools required to meet the demanding quality requirements of our customer. The ITURRI Group needed to collaborate with a glove manufacturer able to guarantee total control of the manufacturing process from start to end, in addition to being available worldwide. Honeywell was the obvious choice. In addition, they needed to be creative and to look for ways of replacing the glove in question with a multipurpose solution with added value.
The ITURRI Group decided to make an in-depth analysis of two types of glove, both excellent alternatives in terms of dexterity and in the increased levels of protection (resistant to cuts). The products selected were the Honeywell PU First Grey (EN388: 4121) and the Perfect Cutting Grey(EN388: 4342).

When deciding on the PPE to be used in contact with the raw materials of a tyre (that is: rubber, textiles and metal subproducts) Michelin turned to the experience of their product specifiers based in Clermont-Ferrand. Each section of Michelin has their own product specifiers (light vehicles, trucks, aviation, etc). The selection process is twofold: First of all, laboratory tests are made to ensure that the PPE are not a source of contamination. This process is known as “Approval”. Next, tests are run in situ to assess the functionality of the range. This process is called “Certification”.

Certification of the Honeywell range started in March and will be introduced throughout Europe in the third quarter. Michelin take pride in being able to guarantee the safety of their operators and their customers. The fact that they invited the ITURRI Group to take part in the process is a reflection of the level of commitment existing with the contract at European level and the confidence that the customer has placed in our company.