ITURRI fits out Barcelona’s gardeners


For the sixth year in a row, Iturri will provide the collective group of Parcs i Jardins del from Barcelona City Council with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and uniforms.

Parcs I Jardins is a collective group made up of 700 staff members from the Barcelona city council that maintains the city’s parks and gardens. Iturri provides both specialised PPEs and high visibility uniforms.

The high visibility uniform consists of garments manufactured using fabrics that provide both comfort and a high level of protection. New to the collection this year is the softshell jacket, with an elastic windbreaker and thermal properties as well as a hood to protect from the rain.

The polo shirts also offer the user great comfort thanks to their antibacterial properties that minimize bad odours, as well as providing protection from UV rays as well as the dotted reflective bands. Another function that it offers is a high level of breathability.

Parcs I Jardins contracts with the Barcelona City Council are somewhat pioneering, given that they include the requirement of various certificates, and in particular SA8000 is worthy of a mention that is to say the certificate of corporate social responsibility where the importance of fair work is emphasized, campaigning against exploitation in the workplace.