14 fire-fighting vehicles for Cape Verde airports


An official ceremony for the delivery of 14 fire-fighting and rescue vehicles to the Cape Verde airports took place on 19 January.

This is the second delivery, part of an overall project for 21 fire-fighting and rescue vehicles, thanks to a contract signed between ASA (Airport and Aviation Safety) and the ITURRI Group. These vehicles guarantee the safety of passengers, crew and personnel in the event of an emergency at the Cape Verde airports. The project is financed with Development Aid Funds from the Spanish Government to strengthen the Cape Verde airport infrastructures and boost their economy, particularly in the transport and tourism sectors.
The ceremony was attended by leading figures from both countries who have taken part in the project: the Minister of Transport for Cape Verde, the Director of ASA, the Spanish Ambassador and the Director General of the ITURRI Group.
The vehicles are state-of-the-art and cover the different requirements of emergency work which may arise in an airport: rescue and release, command and control, fire-fighting and prevention.

The third and final delivery of four additional vehicles is expected to take place in the forthcoming months and will complete the project. The ITURRI Group will continue to offer technical aid so that ASA can keep the vehicles operational in the event of an emergency, thus helping the Cape Verde airports to comply with the most stringent international safety standards.