Simulated rescue in tanks during the Wesseling Biennial Safety Conference (Germany)

The ITURRI Group has actively participated in the biennial Safety Conference organised by Lyondel Basilea, recently held in the industrial area of Wesseling (Germany).

At this year’s event, ITURRI worked together with Capital Safety to introduce high-level safety solutions for all companies in the plant: Shell, Evonik Degussa, Dow Chemicals and, of course, Basilea Lyondel.

One of the most important solutions that was put to the test, and the one which sparked the greatest interest among the customers, involved a rescue operation in tanks. These “custom” training sessions, which form part of our service portfolio, are something we have developed so that our customers can make better choices when deciding how to handle hazards.

The ITURRI Group is grateful to Lyondel Basilea for its presence at Safety Day 2011, as well as to our partners at Capital Safety, for their interest in finding the best solutions when it comes to meeting the needs of customers.