The La Rábida CEPSA Refinery protects its floating roof tanks from lightning storms


The La Rábida CEPSA Refinery (Huelva) has decided to implement grounding solutions for the floating roof tanks in order to meet the lightning protection requirements which are clearly indicated in the Spanish legislation and regulations.

Iturri has provided 210 grounding or retractable conductors which are known as RGAs (Retractable Grounding Assembly). This is a low impedance grounding device used for external floating roofs that creates a permanent connection, thus preventing arcs and sparks provoked by lightning, reducing the risk of fires produced by lightning.

The RGA has a braided aluminum wire wound on a spring that connects between the roof and the framework structure in such a way that it automatically retracts in the reel to ensure that it is always as short as possible.

The dimensions and provisions of the systems for each specific storage tank depend on the tank’s diameter. The greater the diameter of the tank, the greater the number of RGAs which will have to be installed.

This type of device meets the requirements set forth by the UNE EN 62305/UNE EN 62561-NFPA 780-API RP 545 regulations.