“Zero Accidents” in CEPSA Química Palos shut down

Iturri collaborates with CEPSA in fulfilment of the “Zero Accidents” objective by means of a shut down service.

Last April a maintenance shut down was successfully carried out in Línea 3 of the Química Palos and the la Rábida Refinery facilities (Huelva).

Linea 3 is one of CEPSA Química Palos’ plants, where the following areas were dealt with:

- Intermediate Storage

- Subdivisions

- Concentration/ Breakdown

- Cumane

- Oxidation

- General Services

Iturri collaborated with the Safety Department in the safety coordination tasks as well as providing PPE’s so that the staff could carry out their work in safe conditions without any interruptions.

The service was carried out safely and smoothly in a professional manner, given that many factors related to safety and maintenance have to be taken into consideration.

The shut down took 19 days, and the objective of “Zero Accidents” as well as “Zero Leaks” in the operations was achieved and the shut down was completed within the forecast period.

The average number of staff dealt with per day was 320 although this number peaked at 625 staff members one day.