New protocols for extinguishing fires in hydrocarbon tanks

The BP OIL refinery in Castellón presents its new plans for the extinguishing of fires in each and every one of its hydrocarbon storage tanks.

The emergency plans offer clear and simple technical and logistical information, explaining how to act in fire emergencies in each of the tanks. It defines the course of action in the damaged tank as well as in any other tank which may be affected due to the proximity.

The correct layout for the deployment of the extinguishing equipment as well as the resources required in each tank in the case of an accident are taken into consideration in this technical study. The study also assesses the necessary parameters that are to be implemented by the safety manager in the case of an emergency such as:

- The provision of water supplies and foam.

- The equipment’s distance range

- The fixed and mobile equipment that are to be deployed.

- The number of staff required to deal with an emergency.

Given the importance of wind in an emergency of this type, different scenarios have been established which take into consideration the direction of the predominant wind. For each of the different scenarios the equipment and resources will be deployed in an appropriate manner.