Shut down in the BP Oil España alkylation unit


One of the most important services carried out during the shut down of BP Oil Castellón’s Alkylation Unit guaranteed the safety of staff: the management of the Personal Protective Equipment.

A team of 11 people worked shifts over the course of 42 days without interruption, in which they dealt with over 300 operators’ equipment. The staff in charge managed the washing, drying, maintenance and storage of thousands of PPEs for use in the Acid and Non-acid zones of the Alkylation Unit.

In total over 32,000 PPE’s were distributed during the shut down, of which 25,000 were washed and reused.

The two main benefits following this process were: a reduction in costs and a reduction in the use of products which effectively lessened the impact that the whole process had on the environment. Both of these benefits are fundamental given the ever-growing importance of sustainability when managing any product.