A Mobile Emergency Operations Management and Coordination Centre for A Coruña

The A Coruña City Council has awarded the ITURRI Group with the contract for the supply of a “Mobile Emergency Operations Management and Coordination Centre with Communications Capabilities” for the city’s Fire and Rescue Brigade.

The various solutions under investigation by the IDEAS Department for the ITURRI Group Business Units include Communications Vehicles and Advanced Command Posts. These vehicles, along with the Gestfire System, make up the supply to be provided for the A Coruña Fire Brigade, and allowed us to put forward this bid.

The “Mobile Emergency Operations Management and Coordination Centre with Communications Capabilities” consists of several parts:

• “Mobile Centre”: This is a container on a Multilift, sub-divided into different rooms for various purposes (communications operator room, situation room, break room and attached multi-use tent).

The container has furniture, power infrastructure, and antenna system for computer and communications equipment.

• “Emergency Operations Management and Coordination”: Basically, this is the advanced version of the new Gestfire. The system equips all vehicles with GPS tracking devices, sensors, LCD display with rear-view camera and onboard computer, capable of hands-free communication, navigation, route tracking and incident transmission.

Access to the Control Centre web application allows for proper tracking of vehicles, service management and decision-making. The site can be accessed from anywhere, using any type of Internet-connected device. Users can open as many sessions and user profiles as needed.
• “Communications Capabilities” - The “Mobile Centre” is equipped with the technology needed to perform all the functions it is designed to perform:

- Computer and multimedia equipment: 3G Internet connection, WIFI network, data servers, laptops, printers, LCD displays, digital TV, etc.

- Communications equipment: Communications matrix for integration of ground radio equipment, aviation band, mobile phone and fixed landline, and options for equipment with satellite voice and data connectivity.

The “Mobile Centre” can be used in any emergency situation and allows the Municipal Emergency Plan to be activated from this centre. It can also serve to coordinate among all teams involved in the operation (Fire, Local Police, Civil Guard, Civil Defence, National Police, etc.). Its most important feature is its mobility; it can travel to the scene of an emergency and make decisions “on site”. The units are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring communications with the forces involved in handling the emergency; this also facilitates decision making as a result.