The Kirchhoff- Iturri team continues

The relationship between the German multinational company Kirchhoff and Iturri will continue for at least three more years in order to align the range of PPE’s used in the main plants in Attendorn and Iserlohn.

The projects will focus on:

- The implementation of vending machines in the Attendorn plant, as well as offering support to the Iserlohn, Meinerzhagen y Hagen plants (Germany.)

- Offering service to the plants in Poland and Portugal.

- Offering economic solutions and solutions from the soft range in order to reduce the risk of accidents and thus strengthen the safety culture.

The Kirchhoff Group has belonged to the Kirchhoff family for four generations. It is a car company directed by its owner and its connection with tradition and its obligation for the future is in line with that of Iturri. Honesty, dependability, trust and respect are fundamental elements in its corporative culture. Its company philosophy is based on sustainability and the company hires 11,500 employees.