Growing presence of ITURRI Group footwear in the German market

In cooperation with the German company JAL, the ITURRI Group has developed a full catalogue of footwear that brings together several offerings for all sectors. JAL is the largest European footwear manufacturer. Its products include the Jallatte and Almar lines, as well as the PSH brand and the LUPOS line.

This initiative is, without a doubt, an innovative and highly competitive proposition. It represents the outcome of the group’s efforts, led by the technical teams at ITURRI and JAL Group. It also depended on the valuable contributions from the sales team, who worked for two days in a workshop at Paruzzaro (Milan) in search of solutions to the needs of ITURRI Group’s customers in Germany.

In particular, we must highlight the development of the PSH range, with the Casual and Premium models. These complete the current line-up with the addition of ones designed for the Central European market.

After focusing on design, comfort and use of non-metal toes, this shoe has become a hit with our benchmark customers in ITURRI Germany.
Some of these models can be seen at the group’s stand at the upcoming A+A event in October of this year.