/ Interview: Mike Sparrow

Mike Sparrow
"we were impressed by ITURRI capabilities and staff"

Dyrektor London Oxford Airport

What is the strategy of London Oxford Airport within the UK?

London Oxford Airport focuses on business travelers and is ideally positioned as a viable choice for London beyond Heathrow, primarily targeting the north-west of the capital and the Thames Valley region. More than 5 million people reside within 1 hour´s drive and we are located just 40 miles from Greater London, with easy access via the M40 motorway.

What are your plans for increasing fire safety at the airport?

We have an investment plan as part of a continuing strategy to upgrade our fire services. Our existing fleet of fire trucks is aging and does not reflect the modern facilities of the airport. Our ultimate goal is to bring 3 new fire engines to our fleet within the next 5 years.

Why did you choose ITURRI to help you?

Toro 6 X6 2011ITURRI was willing to work on our specifications and listen to our unique and specific requirements, that´s why we chose them. In our evaluation, we were impressed by ITURRI capabilities and staff. Their financial strength, their consolidated experience in the UK and their will to listen and adapt their solutions to our specific needs were also key factors in our decision.

How is ITURRI helping you?

ITURRI just delivered a new fire fighting vehicle to our airport, including a number of specific solutions such as lower center of gravity to improve stability and a lighter body made of an exclusive recyclable material known as EcoPolyFire, which allows for greater water carriage and improved acceleration. For the crew, the new cab design offers improved space, visibility and safety. A unique factor, specific to the UK market, is the inclusion of an external monitor platform which sits just behind the cab, providing the operator an external space to fully view an emergency situation.

What are your plans for the future?

London Oxford Airport is investing a lot to become a key player within the regional business airports in the UK. We consider our work with ITURRI as a strategic relationship and in the long term, based on high quality, personalized and competitive solutions to assure the safety of our passengers and crew.