/ Interview : Coronel Jean Yves Noisette

"The safety solutions provided by the ITURRI Group fulfil all our requirements"

Director of the Fire and Rescue Service of Vaucluse (France)

How long have you been part of the Fire and Rescue Services of Vaucluse?

I’ve been here since 1988 and have worked in different departments and units. I’ve been in my current post since 2005. I’m the director of the Department of Fire and Rescue Services of Vaucluse. I’m responsible for coordinating fifty-three brigades, five hundred fire fighters, one thousand five hundred volunteers and one hundred and forty technicians.

The collaboration between our organisations began quite a while ago. What is your opinion of it over the years?

We have been collaborating with the ITURRI Group since 2003, almost ten years, during which we have both discovered each other’s strength and weaknesses. This is a very important factor when carrying out a job which requires safety measures and appropriate survival capabilities. Trust is the fundamental principle in our work; the users must be able to trust us, as we trust our partners and suppliers. It’s a question of life or death.

The safety solutions provided by the ITURRI Group fulfil all our requirements. In fact they are good quality because if they weren’t, we would have stopped collaborating with the company years ago.

In this job there is no room for inadequate or stop-gap measures, or for mistakes. I’m therefore pleased to say that the solutions provided by the ITURRI Group are very modern, highly technical and are good value for money.

We order personal protection equipment as well as environmental protection solutions from them.

Our role is to protect people and the environment, but to also keep ourselves safe.

What are the most common risks or dangers that you face?

Although it may be surprising, fire fighting only constitutes 10% of the total activity. Approximately 70% is made up of different types of emergencies, among which are accidents, floods and forest fires. We also face dangers of a biological, nuclear or chemical nature, among others. We have to be prepared for practically any situation. Therefore there is almost no room for inadequate measures.